Upcoming Runescape Bot Nuke Optimus 2012

Apparently from notions in runescape upcoming news updates, they hinted at a second runescape bot nuke labeled Optimus.

This would negate the few injection and reflection runescape bots that have ventured back and possibly do some damage to color bots.

The thing about runescape color bots are that they are like a human, they view the onscreen images and colors in order to operate. So any major changes to the way Runescape appears in the applet would anger legitimate players and runescape color bots are very hard to deal with.

We will see when it comes time to release, what affect Optimus has on the remaining runescape bots.


Runescape bots in 2012

Since all the injection and reflection runescape bots got shut down, simba, scar, and RID have been leading the forefront in the botting scene. What was once a destitute and smaller community, has become more of a thriving community with the addition of talent and leechers alike from the crippled runescape bot communities.

The quality of the runescape color bots has improved and there have been a lot of bots that have taken the role of the passed on injection bots.

There has been MSI that has taken a one bot approach to covering runescape bots in woodcutting, mining, collection, and assorted functions. Also, in each respective section are single authors releasing their own runescape bots. This can be seen on the villavu section: http://villavu.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=64

All the runescape bots on villavu are legit and real. Simba does not have any viruses and is very safe. The community is built on learning and everyone on the forum is very helpful.

Also I have found several small sites selling premium runescape bots in color (Simba). Because this isn’t allowed on the villavu forum, they have branched off on their own sites:

Runescape bots 2012

They have:

Hopefully you keep subscribing and I’ll be on the lookup for more premium runescape bots that are efficient and worthwhile.

Runescape Bots Nuke 2011

ClusterFlutterer was the runescape bot nuke of 2011. It scrambled how the hooks were accessed and in which way they were accessed by the reflection and injection bots. Thus, all the known injection and reflection bots were shut down because they could not work anymore. Powerbot, nexus, rsbuddy were unable to continue.

Only the color runescape bots such as robots in disguise, scar, and simba were able to continue working. Some of the bots that were crippled were:

  • Auto Fighter
  • Auto Flaxer Picker
  • Auto Woodchopper
  • Auto Fisher
  • Auto Essence Miner
  • kMiner
  • Perfect Fighter
  • Perfect Agility

And many more runescape bots. I personally had 25 frost dragon bots running before the nuke, but sold the accounts and gold weeks before.

Jagex celebrated the moment with a week of triple rewards for the remaining legit members:

  • Tuesday: Triple slayer experience
  • Wednesday: Triple castle wars tickets
  • Thursday: Bonus experience from distractions and diversions
  • Friday: Triple zeals from soul wars